Hard/Leather ball cricket

Membership fee in SEK
Jan – Dec 2024
Activity fee in SEK
Jan – Jun 2024
Activity fee in SEK
Jul – Dec 2024
Children below 7 yrs100300300
Children and youth 7 – 17 years100400400
Men*300Details in below note0
Master students only students not the one who have a job and pursuing masters)20016000
Coach and non-active members Fee100 00

Note : For Men teams there are 2 options of the activity fee structure. Both the options are included all the practice sessions charges.

Option 1 : Pay full activity fees 2500 SEK for the year 2024.

Option 2 : Pay 2000 SEK as a activity fee and if any member is interested in playing League match then he has to pay additionally 50 SEK per league match.

Tennis ball cricket

Membership fee in SEK
Jan – Dec 2023
Per session fee in SEK/per person
Per session fee in SEK
for non-members per session
18 yrs and above501050

Membership Fee 2024:

Note: Name and Personal number must be provided for club membership along with membership + activity fee in the transaction. Exception is immigrants or who don’t have personal number, for them it is enough to share date of birth, name, and current address. Send an email to board@lundcricketclub.org for the confirmation of your membership fee.

Men league team:

For representing LCC in matches, including SCF league, national and international tournaments, both membership and activity fee must be paid.

Please request in writing to board@lundcricketclub.org for any exceptions and discounts. Club administration will support

Information about Registration:

If you are excited and interested to join the club, you are most welcome to join the club and showcase registration. write an email to board@boardlundcricketclub-org with below details

First Name:

Last Name:

Personal Number:

Email Address:

Contact No:

Note : Please refer the Fee structure for this year.

Account Details for Fee Payments:

Bankgiro: 837-2955 or SWISH  : 123-1204379

Please write name of person (Member name) when paying membership or activity fee.

Please note, parents who are paying fees of their children, should mention full name of  children.

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